I just be trying to get my life, y’all. There are many facets of "getting one's life". I'm gonna touch on just one– The area of productivity. Through trial and error I’ve identified the secret is in your routine.

Tips on how to increase productivity below: 


Create a daily schedule for yourself.

Everything kinda branches from here. I have an Excel sheet that’s schedules my "ideal day" down to the half hour. (Time I wake up, eat, break, read, work on xyz– I know this sounds crazy, but I'm most productive when I follow it closely!) 

Start READING a daily devotional. 

Spiritual nourishment is necessary. Daily devotionals are a great cornerstone for personal accountability/routine. The bible app is helpful with the streak tracker, too.

 Go to bed an hour earlier, and wake up an hour earlier.

Early bird gets the worm. Not a myth. 5:00-6:30AM is my magic hour (and a half). I can read, PRAY...just THINK, IN PEACE! It's important to begin your day with a clear mind. 

Bedtimes are important. We're supposed to get 8 hours of sleep. I believe 8 hours of sleep is nearly impossible. I shoot for 7 and if it's 6 occasionally, it's 6. Of course, I’m going to post this late at night, completely contradicting all I've said. I ain’t saying I’m perfect, I’m just sharing what works LOL. 

Never press the snooze button. 

Snoozing is like starting off your day “behind”. It's better to just set your alarm for later than to press snooze. I really think it impacts your sense of accomplishment throughout the day. Just jump out the bed mad fast. Mind over matter.

Workout every day. 

Okay, maybe not every day...but most days! Some experts suggest 30 min a day. I say try MWF, or M-TH. The key here is routine. I prefer to workout in the morning because if I think about it for too long, I will just not go.

Working out helps you think clearer. In fact, it’s equally as effective as anti-depressants, for those with mild/moderate depression. (they figured this out almost 20 years ago... :/ isn’t that crazy?!)

Create Daily, weekly, monthly, YEARLY goals. 

Fave: Get those giant sticky note boards and write your goals on them. Build the action steps into your daily schedule (I’m going to work on this goal, on these days, at this time). I post them in my room and see them every day! 

Use your notes

in your phone. Anytime an idea or a to-do item pops into my head, I store it there. It’s helpful when you need to get something out of your mind and prevents distraction / tangents. I revisit EOD. 

Talk on the phone while doing household chores/tasks.

Do something you like while doing something you don’t necessarily like (but needs to be done). Put it in your calendar! (For me, it's washing dishes + talking to my bestie)

Learn to say no.

This one sucks because it impacts other people. You have to protect your time. Which leads to...

Stop scheduling meetings.

If you’re in chit-chat idea meetings throughout the week– You steal personal time from yourself. I'm not anti-meetings, they just needs to be monitored in terms of frequency, and be about REAL BUSINESS. Business has to do with coin $$$. 

When you see the results of protecting your time, it makes you very thoughtful about asking for other people’s time, also. 

- - - 

If you have goals you’re trying to achieve, you can’t let the day run you. You’ve got to run your day.

Having a strict schedule gets awkward. People think you're weird if you have a bedtime, lol. You may have to leave events early, be sleepy while your body adjusts to all this, disappoint folks and stuff. But, it’s worth it in the long run– And people who love you will understand. I went thru a business bootcamp and learned a lot of these things! Shout out Ian Watts! He’s a get your life champ.

Productivity comes down to how you spend and manage your time. 

Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise, making the best use of the time, because the days are evil. Ephesians 5:15-16 ESV