another year! STILL IN THIS THANG

Jun 28 was my birthday! Leading up I was experiencing an immense amount of gratitude and joy. Typically when my birthday rolls around all I can think about is cake, food, and party decorations. This time, the Holy Spirit was reminding me of the gift that is life. I was reminded of how far I’ve come, having gone through seasons where I just didn’t want to be here on planet EARTH!!! Straight up. But I MADE IT! I’m still here, with all my fingers and toes, and a sane mind. It’s truly a testament to God’s miracle work.

I decided to spend my birthday in Austin because A. It’s one of my favorite cities and B. My sister and her fiancé had a major engagement event in Dallas the same week. (We road-tripped to Dallas, hence the Crossroads theme) 

Austin, TX has a soulful, familial, liberal, loving vibe. The weather is nice, there’s good cheap food aka tacos galore, and a fun nightlife. I love melting pot cities and it's definitely one of those. My cousin Lindsay (Taryn Manning), my best friend Britney (Zoe Saldana) and I took over the city looking for the best eats and nature spots while trapping out of a sick Airbnb. My Austin city guide below: 


12PM : Our Airbnb check-in wasn't until 4, so we went straight to this super kitschy restaurant called Holy Roller that I'd been Instagram fawning over. So cute. The menu is a play on kid favorites / American classics. It reminded me a lot of Chicago fare (butter.)  I got the Grilled Cheesus, a souped-up grilled cheese with tomato jam and avocado. We shared one of their appetizers– fries and soft serve ice cream– and bought matching Holy Roller t-shirts as souvenirs. Y'all know why I ran up in here. I'm a holy roller *crying*

2PM : After brunch we went to Barton Springs Pool! The MOST BEAUTIFUL POOL I'VE EVER SEEN - and natural. There's an $8 entrance fee for non-residents. No outside food is allowed so it was perfect that we'd just eaten. There’s a diving board for wild folk. The water was extremely cold but refreshing in 100 degree weather. Tip: they didn't ask if we were residents!!! Lol. (we paid. we are honest)

3PM After about an hour we were about to catch on fire. We left and stopped by the grocery store (H-E-B’s) to pick up some essentials for the house like breakfast food and snacks...then checked into the Airbnb and CHILLED. :) Drinking lemonade with silly straws and eating RUFFLES. Check out our sick pad. You should stay there. Peep below. 

6PM After some lounging, it was time for dinner. Multiple people suggested this taco spot Torchy’s. zomg! I got a shrimp taco and a mushroom taco. The shrimp was to die for. Super salty though, TBH, but delicious. Also, the tacos were on flour tortillas which seems to be standard down there. (Tex mex?) Afterward, we went to an ice cream place called Lick Honest. I was excited...and, gravely disappointed. I will never return. Overpriced and not yummy :( Torchy's, though – so good.

DAY two

This was my birthday :) I woke up so early because I had leftover work, smh! We’d planned to get out early to go on a hike, but we ended up chilling at the house eating breakfast and hanging outside. Later on we went on the hike but when we got there the spring was dry. It was so lame. BUT! On the way home we passed by this cute park with fountains!!! So we hopped out and played for a little! It was sooooo fun! We had a very bougie BBQ for dinner that night that I will have to tell you about later. 

11PM My cousin and I caught a second wind after dinner and went to the cutest French restaurant, Justine’s. We had rosé, escargot, and creme brûlée outside – amidst string lights and hipster texans. It was literally perfect. The owner is this cool french guy with turquoise jewelry who plays the bass. The staff was so friendly. What a treat to have a taste of France in Austin. 



10AM We kicked off the day with a quick trip to Texas Thrift Store. There was a lot going on in there. I found an interesting polo dress. I wouldn't was a bit too merchandised/orderly for me. Afterward, we went to Hillside Farmacy, a super popular breakfast spot...but most importantly a HISTORICAL GEM! Originally the first black-owned pharmacy in Austin. (Doc Young). 

2PM We (I) were (was) super determined to hike this longer trail to get to a beautiful waterfall called Sculpture Falls. This one was 1.5 miles! WHEW! It was hot as hell! And when we got was pretty much dry too. Lol. I later found out that it has to rain for these "falls" to be filled, and then you have about 3 days to visit. 

When we came home we were wiped! We watched Living Single, napped, ate popsicles, BBQ leftovers, and I made a peach crumble. :)  The bathing suit top photographed is from FOREVA21. Me = Foreva 21

I could've spent a whole week in ATX...tbh, I could probably live there. I just love it. Here's a list of stuff I missed but wanted to go to! 


- - - 



FOOD: Irene's, Jo's Coffee, Gordough's (Gigantic Donuts), BBQ Revolution (Vegetarian/Vegan), Kitty Cohen's, San Jose Hotel

STUFF:  Hamilton Pool, Friends and Neighbors, Rainey Street



I order all my bathing suits from ASOS!!!!

Beauty Supply: crispy black tee, white nail polish, sunnies, and a cute rhinestone anklet.

I already had most of my looks, but I did thrift a Gap swing dress with a micro floral print to chill in.