The client, Progressive Church, wanted to increase millennial membership and service attendance. Major pain points were outdated technology/design and lack of connectivity with the congregation. We identified the need to meet the target market right where they are: online- Developing a strategy to establish the digital footprint across all platforms.

Leading with the creation of powerful visuals- still and motion - We directed a :60 short capturing the essence of the community we sought to draw folks into. This implementation reduced website bounce rate, increased attendance, and created brand trust with visitors which can be difficult to establish online.

Utilizing members of the church as key features in video, print assets and social media content increased engagement across the social media platforms.

Recognizing both the significance of premium on-site event captures and the visual appeal and popularity of stylized backgrounds, we developed a custom photo booth on the highest attended Sunday of the year– Easter. We exclusively uploaded the images to Facebook the next day, generating a 315% increase in page impressions and grew the Facebook fanbase 146% - proving the importance of “planned virality”. We also developed a custom Easter branded social media package that included a Banner, E-Flyer, and Avatar, with custom copy and a unique invite hashtag– Distributed to the congregation 2 weeks ahead of Easter.

Led a team of Producers, Graphic Designers, Photographers, Director of Photography

Additional Work: Technical Direction and full rebrand of Livestream platform, Merchandise Design, Art Direction for Print Assets, Podcast Launch

Additional creative contributors included Danielle Alston, Flynn Drew

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