Urban Ministries, Inc. is the largest independent, African-American owned and operated Christian Media company in the world. Ahead of a 50 year anniversary, we’ve come on board to lead the digital media and engagement overhaul, developing key content strategies powered by powerful graphics and original content photography.

UMI has historically sold directly to churches, and has recently begun B2C marketing. This shift requires a strong branding component as the brand loyalty that exists with existing clients is not there for the newcomers. Their social media presence must be bolstered with rich imagery, graphics, and videography. Identifying the customer and their platform of choice is an influential component of our process. We are currently in the process of website exploration and research for a redesign.

Assessing the UMI archives, the existing original content, owned stock and design assets, has allowed us to gain a full scope understanding and inform the creative direction moving forward.

Key areas:

Original Social Media Content

Identity and Branding

Website Design

Print Asset and Material Redesign

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